Friday, December 21, 2012

Geminid Meteor Shower Photos And Timelapse

Geminid Meteor Shower

Here are a few photos and a timelapse from the Geminid Meteor Shower in December 2012.  You could see them falling all over the sky but I only manged to catch a few in the direction my camera was pointing.  Watch the timelapse in HD and see how many you can find. There a couple of really quick ones. Sorry but my lens fogged up towards the end. Anyways hope you enjoy it. My brother and I couldn't move our necks the next day.

Here is something from wikipedia I thought was interesting...

The Geminids are a meteor shower caused by the object 3200 Phaethon,[4] which is thought to be a Palladian asteroid[5] with a "rock comet" orbit.[6] This would make the Geminids, together with the Quadrantids, the only major meteor showers not originating from a comet. The meteors from this shower are slow moving, can be seen in December and usually peak around the 13th - 14th of the month, with the date of highest intensity being the morning of the 14th. The shower is thought to be intensifying every year and recent showers have seen 120–160 meteors per hour under optimal conditions, generally around 02:00 to 03:00 local time. Geminids were first observed in 1862,[1] much more recently than other showers such as the Perseids (36 AD) and Leonids (902 AD).