Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Carolina Rally Sessions" Ep. 3 Sandhills

A snowflake tickled my eyelash reminding me of my surroundings. It was early morning in the Carolinas and I was in the middle of a forest of dense pine trees trying to keep my hands warm. The cup of coffee helped, but it was much colder than I had anticipated. As a few more flurries fell and my thoughts wandered off, I heard a rumble in the distance. At any moment there would be man made thunder charging through the trees and over these sandhills.

"Carolina Rally Sessions" by NoKo featuring Sebastian Kokoszka and Janko Cars. This is the third episode of a series of rally videos filmed in North Carolina. All the way from the Smoky Mountains to the beautiful Outer Banks be prepared for a glorious fusion of nature and machine. This episode features our camouflage Subaru WRX blasting through some Carolina sand in our gorgeous sandhills.

Driver: Sebastian Kokoszka @jankocars
Camera/Edit: Philip Nowak @philipcnowak
Additional footage: Meegan Rally Videos
Music: "The Outskirts" by Trampled by Turtles