Monday, December 3, 2012

Introducing "A North Carolina Timelapse"

I have a tendency to stare into the sky. Whether I am looking at the sun fatten as it falls behind the Pacific Ocean or I am gazing up for the first wet snowflake of a North Carolina winter, the skies never fail to captivate me.  Have there ever been two exact sunsets or two identical clouds?  The sky we wake up to every morning is different than the day before. It is constantly changing yet always distinct, quite a motivating thought for me. You must keep your possibilities open and adapt them to your unpredictable life. Like storm clouds forming over a horizon of lengthy pine trees, life cannot be contained, it is different and unique for every being. Just like the sky I will gladly wake up to tomorrow morning...

Well, after that random thought, I would like to share a few timelapses with you. Both were shot in North Carolina with the fps override feature in Magic Lantern 2.3 at about 6 fps. Hope you like them, there will be more to come.