Monday, August 8, 2011

A Weekend in July

      I witnessed something remarkable one weekend in July. It was on the coast of Southern California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I had made my way, quite awkwardly, around a gate that was supposed to keep the potentially "unsafe" wedding guests from tumbling down a long flight of stairs to the beach below. I probably should have obeyed the warning, but it was just too beautiful to pass up.  As I marched down the steps, I walked to to the beat of the music above, but I had a different beat in my head.  A very relaxed beat. It instantly reminded me of Scott and Dev and how at ease they seemed before, during, and after their wedding.  It made me think, What really is the start of a healthy long-lasting relationship?  I realized that before any relationship can grow in the right direction, both people must be at ease with themselves and with their lives. Sitting on the edge of the steps, with my feet dangling over the pacific, staring at a melting red sun, I noticed it was me who finally felt at ease...
     Here are a few pics (more coming soon) from the weekend and the video is below.  It was a remarkable wedding. I loved every minute. Thank you for an absolutely amazing weekend.  Congratulations Scott and Dev, I wish you the best!